Alexander about furniture

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Giving design a ‘soul’ is what really drives me and what makes my designs instantly recognizable. Fine proportions, essential materials, lasting craftsmanship; the right mix of these qualities give that special property we call ‘soul’.  Be it a chair or architecture; design is at its best when it is unpolished and refined at the same time because also people are at their best that way.  The furniture and objects you find on this site are the off spring of a number of ideas and thoughts that have one thing in common:

‘Each piece should become part of your personal history, memory and testimony of what you stand for’.  This is exactly what I want to promote: less stuff around you so that you can enjoy a few pieces of quality. And by the way:

The best way to contribute to the environment is avoiding waist of material and to create something that does not need replacement in many years to come. I invite you to join my world that Oscar Wilde described so eloquently:

“My taste is simple: simply the best of everything!”