Alexander van Straten, architect

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Shelter is a vital need and having that shelter determines an important part of ones happiness.  Vital question:‘How do I create and organize my home in a suitable way?’Be it living space or workspace, existing space or newly planned: Bringing on board the right architect gives you an anchor.

Together we can formulate the right questions and create the right answers. Sensible design that meets your aesthetical desires. We provide the right balance between creation and realization.

With our network of professional specialists building becomes a pleasure.                                                                        We have extensive experience in building in the US, Europe and The Netherlands. As such we can guarantee professional guidance and clear vision on design. Beautiful proportions, essential materials and meticulous skills in the process of realization.                                                                                                                                                          The right mix of all these properties give ‘soul’ to a project. Unpolished and pure.

Get inspired. We love creating the right space for you.


Alexander van Straten + team